• Study when it suits you, at home or at work
  • Benefit from an interactive learning environment
  • Obtain relevant CPD hours

Your Team

  • Reduce anti-money laundering training costs via elearning
  • Manage and report on team activities
  • Ensure a consistent AML training programme

Your Global Organisation

  • Train a department or organisation on a global basis
  • Custom AML elearning course development
  • Quickly train your organisation to comply with AML regulations

Our Websites

eLearn logo serves our customers who are based in Luxembourg. The website charges for courses in EUROS. serves professional accountants who are based in the Isle of Man and the UK. is a co-working space in Onchan in the Isle of Man which is owned and operated by the same people as Governance People. operates 2 virtual studios in Onchan, Isle of Man. operates as a full website design agency.